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Welcome to the CitizenSData 'Data Collection Hub'

Disclaimer: The data made available through this web interface has been generated by end users with mobile applications developed by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC), the data is made available as is and has not been subject to quality controls nor moderation. The owner of this website is not responsible for the data provided via these services. Please, do contact us about offending and/or inappropriate data.

Additional information

Starting from September 2021, our Citizen Science activities will be operated and managed via our Community page on the EU Science Hub.

The community page provides an overview of past and ongoing collaborations, as much as it offers opportunities for joint discussions and new research partnerships. Blog posts inform about recent issues identified by the community and invite to comment. Community resources provide access to important documents and tools/applications. Useful links point to relevant additional materials and communities.

In addition to this community page, we continue to offer:

The old platform (DigitalEarthLab) hosting our past work on Citizen Science and closely related activities was dismissed as of September 2021. The related contents have been archived and are available here.